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Welcome to Spring, a mesmerizing meditative game that will help you relax while you play.

Spring is a sequence of simple puzzles designed to help you shift your mood.


Part virtual fidget toy, part oddly satisfying puzzle, Spring is a game you play as you please. Each of the puzzles can be solved in both simple and complex ways.

Be as creative as you like.

No points to score.

No time limits. No distractions.

"Spring instantaneously transports you to a different mental space, surrounded by soothing landscapes and hypnotic sounds that invite you to lose yourself completely in these oddly satisfying puzzles."

Alex O. | VR Gamer

Enjoy the moment.

Find your focus.

Feel different. Spring. 

Spring is conceived by an assembly of talented researchers, scientists, artists, magicians, architects, color stylists, sound and audio designers, human interaction designers, and a number of technical experts and engineers.


Our mission is to improve the quality of your life by taking you away from stress and anxiety and toward a better state of mind.

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