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Mitchell Evan


Mitchell Evan


Paid Social


Email Marketing

Mitchell Evan, a leading luxury loungewear clothing company based in Los Angeles, California partnered with Moonshot LA to increase online sales across multiple channels, including paid social, search and email.  One of the key initiatives to increase customer engagement and conversion rate was to develop a robust email marketing campaign for users that had moved to the consideration stage of the marketing funnel.

By utilizing marketing events, Moonshot LA developed a robust behavioral email marketing strategy to engage with customers during their buying decision.  These email campaigns included weekly product offerings and sales as well as behavioral trigger-based emails. 

By leveraging behavioral marketing elements within the customer journey, Mitchell Evan was able to capitalize on customers who might have otherwise not engaged with the brand. The new behavioral trigger emails contributed to 15% of the total revenue within 3 months and also saw a conversion purchase rate 8 times higher than the average. 

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