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Fantastic Fungi


Fantastic Fungi


Paid Social Media, 

A/B Creative Testing, 

Audience Research

Fantastic Fungi, a critically acclaimed documentary directed by Louis Schwartzberg, sought to increase its global reach by utilizing paid social media advertising to introduce new viewers to the documentary. 

Moonshot LA developed a plan that constituted riguourous A/B creative testing, including headline testing, copy testing and placement testings.  Moonshot LA’s was also able to leverage its data learnings and develop a comprehensive audience research plan to ensure that not only was the best creative used, but it was also seen by the right audience at the right time.

The campaign performance was highly successful resulting in 3x increase of monthly spend mid campaign and a consistent return on investment of over 400% for 6 months.  

“Moonshot LA was able to fully utilize the power of the documentary, and the many tools, international audiences and events that Facebook provides to show a week over week increase in spend at a scale that resulted in a successful 6 month campaign.” 

– Bethany Gillian

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