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We partnered with world-class neuroscientists, psychologists, and artists to create the world's first Intelligent Assistant to improve mental fitness.

Dimensions: 200mm x 200mm x 85mm Weight: 370g

APT-X and Qualcomm cVc enabled Microfiber ear cushions


Batery: 920mAh - 10 Hours


EEG sensors x 4: A1, A2, C3, C4 EEG sampling rate: 250Hz

EEG voltage input range: [-25mV, +25mV]


EEG noise level: 0.2uVrms

Bluetooth V5.0

Audio input: Stereo mini jack (3.5mm plug)

Charging: USB-C


Drivers: 40mm

Impedance: 16Ohm

Frequency range: -20 Hz to -20,000Hz 4-Microphone hybrid active noise cancellation

Full Tech Specs

Gain Insights About


by understanding how your brain reacts to stimuli and situations.

Achieve Your Desired

Mental State

with scientifically-engineered &

personalized soundtracks.

Improve Your Overall


with a personalized neurofeedback

sound for you.

Achieve Higher Levels of Self-Awareness 

with real-time


Improve Your Performance With Real-time Feedback

by visualizing your current

mental state.

Increase Your Sleep


by preparing for your night with

custom soundscapes.

Unbeatable sound quality and advanced noise-cancellation technology

Audiophile-grade acoustics powered by ONKYO

Total immersion with active noise cancellation

Exceptional comfort and timeless design

Power your daily routine with 10 hours battery

Tap into the Future of Mental Fitness

Learn how enophones use advanced EEG technology, neurofeedback, and sound science to enhance your focus, relaxation, and cognitive performance. Get our quick guide to the world of enophones

A personalized Intelligent Assistant that identifies insights from your brain activity

 Set your mind fitness





Set and manage

daily goals




Identify your mindset


Play customized





Access to world-class

mental fitness content




Integrate into other

health & music apps

Increase Your Mental Fitness
Measure & Gain Insights
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