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Website redesign,

Packaging redesign, 

SEM, Performance Marketing

Azestfor, a maker of nutritional supplements for dogs, partnered with Moonshot LA to enhance the user experience and improve the buying conversion rate. To do so, Azestfor and Moonshot LA invested a tremendous amount of resources by building out an Add toolkit and leverage this for the product and category pages.  Additionally, Moonshot LA redesigned all the material packaging to provide a more seamless customer purchasing experience.

The Moonshot LA team also built out new behavioral based email campaigns that delivered a compelling message to the customer at the right time.

During the course of this partnership, Moonshot LA also introduced recurring bundle pricing as well as additional upsell options for their customer base.  The recurring bundle revenue contribution grew from 0 to 40% of the monthly revenue within 3 months.

The result of all these changes contributed to an increase of 5x on the conversion rate and an increase in sales of 100%

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