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What do I need?

How Does Astro Work?

Astro Users Only Require:

A target goal for their campaign.

A set of audience segments they would like to reach.

ASTRO’s UI design is simple and intuitive, so minimum training is required for its use.

ASTRO creates all possible variations of an ad automatically, using the creative components the user provides.

ASTRO then builds small scale experiments using a randomized sample of potential consumers given the audience parameters the user intends to test.

As soon as the results are obtained, ASTRO extracts the features of the creative components using AI.

A set of creative components: headlines, copies and images.

ASTRO then presents these results to the user, who can leverage them to improve campaign performance.

ASTRO analyzes each of these components to reveal their estimated impact.

AI-powered experimentation

that drives

marketing results.

Astro uses proprietary statistical models and analytics tools that deliver unique insights for better business decisions.

Advertisers would like to maximize the impact of their ad campaigns, but discovering the right approach and the right audiences are difficult tasks and expertise is not enough in an ever changing marketplace. ASTRO makes campaign creation and experimentation easy and quick while providing unique high impact insights.

Experimentation is the key

through an easy to understand user interface and uncover powerful insights that will make your ad campaigns 4x more effective*.

Leverage our statistical model & data analysis

*These results are average. You may see higher or lower performance.

What Makes Astro Different?

What’s the value?

Ultimately, ASTRO tells the user what specific elements within their creatives increased their conversion rates!


Get 2 Experiments for Free

Annual Payment

Save -20%


User Seats



+ $8 USD/per month

Per extra seat


Percentage fee on advertising spend

Monthly Payment


User Seats



+ $10 USD/per month

Per extra seat


Percentage fee on advertising spend

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